Friday, October 22, 2010

Rock my World!

Actually, these are some meteorites! In my Origins of the Universe class the other day, my teacher passed around a couple of examples of meteorites.  It was amazing to hold a piece of the sky's history in my hands. Especially since these samples are around 4.65 billion years old!

This is of the same meteorites, just flipped over.

This is just a rock he passed around, so I figured I could take a picture of it too. 

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Back to Life

I have now been in school for 42 days and here are some highlights of my semester thus far:

1. Being back in Rexburg is the best! I love everything about being here.  It is so nice to be back in a place where I am uplifted in every class and there is a Temple just right up the road, and less than 50 yards from campus.  My first week here I just thought the sky was so beautiful and the Temple too, I just had to walk up and snap some pictures!
Here is another:
2. I love my classes and schedule. My classes include: The Middle East, English, Origins of the Universe, History and Philosophy of Education, Scripture Study Skills, and Beginner Piano.  I'm learning so much this semester and I'm really enjoying the subject matter of each class.

3. Conference Weekend was so much fun.  My dad provided me with tickets for Saturday Morning and Sunday Afternoon.  All the talks given were excellent as always.  I feel as though the motif of conference was repentance and agency. Would you agree? I went with my roommates Kristin and Mckenzy and we had so much fun being small town girls in the big city for the weekend.  We shopped and dined at the Gateway, went to a Polynesian dance at the SLCC, nope not a dance club but the Salt Lake Community College.  We went toe the Pie and ordered a pizza entirely too large for the 8 of us that were there.  Wir gehen also to a German Deli in downtown Salt Lake.  I ordered in German, and was impressed with what I remembered. Overall it was a ton of fun!
Our super large pizza!
We wanted to take a picture on the "Brides Pedestal" as it is called.

In the Conference Center at the Sunday Afternoon session. What a beautiful building!

4.  I promise that I went shooting and to a potato farm! I don't have any pictures, but I did indeed shoot a shotgun, and I hit 2 skeet! Excellent.  Then I went on a tour of a potato farm during the potato harvest here.  There were sooo many potatoes! And that was just one farm! I stood on the top of a potato mountain about 50 yards high! I could be wrong about my measurements, but just know, it was a mountain, and it was big!

5. My piano teacher lent me a piano music book of Christmas songs.  I have now learned "Carol of the Bells".  I simply can not wait till Christmas!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

"In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes."

Benjamin Franklin said that. Except I think he's wrong. Now in my math class we are studying taxes, and I don't think they are certain at all. They are actually really quite confusing. Whhhhatttttttttttevs

Tonight though, Sean has helped me with my math homework because I also don't understand Excel formulas. So yes yes. Then Sean made Hamburger Helper dinner with ground turkey. It's his new fav. As I write my blog and do homework, we are watching National Treasure 2.

So, it has been really really warm lately. But with every warm day all I can think of are the words of my sisters "Warm spells bring more snow." And they are right. Today it started snowing again. Not too much though which is nice.

So I have only 4 more weeks of school left. Time to get focused!

Thursday, February 25, 2010


What is something I love doing more that cleaning, cooking, and basic upkeep of a home? That's right you guessed it! KARAOKE!

Tonight, my office is holding its Annual Financial Services Dinner, and as Entertainment/Activity, we will have the privilege to KARAOKE! Guess who is excited? This gal.

My Life lately:

I had the opportunity to visit the hospital. OH what a day. I woke up choking essentially was what was happening, for about 10min. Scary? Yes.

Highlights of my hospital trip....

Okay so there are none, but here are some other things about it.

1. They wheeled me in a chair the size of a bed to get x-ray'd

2. They stole my blood

3. My gown didn't tie, so instead I used my scarf, and belted the dress around my waist. Tre Chic!

4. Sean was there with me, Oh, I guess I should put that under highlights...

5. Doc says that it was a Bronchospasm, which means my bronchial tubes contracted without releasing, closing my air passages. YUCK!
Math Class
In my math class, currently we are studying being financially aware and stable. So I am now placing money into my savings account when I get my paycheck, and I no longer transfer money from it into my checking. Oh the wonders of saving! I love watching it add up! I need to start thinking about my retirement now :) ahhhhhhhhhhh aging!...
So my programs are a huge hit! Everybody loves them, and I've even been asked a few times where I get my cover quotes from...I tell them inspiration, and then study. But now that I am told the "theme" of sacrament that day, I can use that as a starting point. I absolutely love this calling.
Till we meet agian.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

A Day in the Life of Sick Michelle

Okay, so this actually will be more about the past week than just one day of Michelle.

Friday, January 29, 2010- Saturday, January 30, 2010

I departed from BYU-Idaho with my fellow Student Ambassadors for a retreat up in a cabin! It was so much fun! The cabin was located in Victor, ID which is where Grandfather Jacobs grew up. It was soooo beautiful though. Friday night was the biggest full moon of the year and it just lit up the woods. And because the snow there is so fresh and untouched, the way the light reflected made it look like fields of glitter. I loved looking out side to see that. But the retreat itself was a great experience and very uplifting. It was nice to be able to get to know everyone in Student Ambassadors in a more laid back setting, but also on a spiritual level as well.

Also, the cabin experienced sleepy Michelle...Yikes...But Saturday morning, when I woke up, my throat hurt just a little bit but wasn't too much of a problem the rest of the day.

OH! So this past week both Russel M. Nelson, and M. Russel Ballard came to the BYU-Idaho campus to speak. Elder Nelsom spoke at devotional, and Elder Ballard spoke just for a special University Fireside. What a blessing it is to attend a school where we have the opprotunity to hear from two apostles in one week! It was excellent. Saturday Elder Ballard spoke, and Sean and I had received tickets for the same section, so we were able to sit with each other at that.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Same thing, woke up, my throat hurt. NBD. We had an excellent day of church services, I was uplifted.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Starting to feel more sick! Yikes! I went to my classes, you know, the youge(which is abbrev for usual)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

HAPPY GROUNDHOGS DAYYY!!!!!!!! I love this holiday for a few reasons,

1. It's a day about a Groundhog. How could you not love it?
2. Mom and Dad's Anniversary
3. If reason number two did not exist, I would not exist.
4. The movie Groundhogs Day, which I watched for the first time on Christmas Day 2008.

So anyway. I've been sick. Tuesday was coming down pretty bad, my cough started to settle in. Tuesday night however was the first day of the Adopt-a-Grandparent program, so that night we went to the assisted living center "Homestead" and it was alot of fun, and visiting with those that lived there was just a blast.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I woke up just about dead, my great roommate Kristi called into work for me(we work in the same office). Krisi said that I was pretty out of it, and looked dead just laying on the bed. I actually didn't leave my bed until about 3:00 P.M. This is because my friend Carl had come by to see me, and then he made me soup,and grilled cheese, and this vitamin C drink, and he also had me eat fresh broccoli. It was so great to have someone take care of me, hahahh.
Also. Attention Bakersfieldddd!!! I called about 7 different phones of those that live there. Not one answer. Mom eventually got back to me. Apparently there was a meeting. I coughed up blood, is that bad? Tanya was concerned. She loves me, and answers her phone. Oh my dear Tanya.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

I slept in till 11:30, got up and showered, went to work by 1 P.M.. I still sound pretty bad, but i'm trying to just get through my days. I'm a fighter! Like the Christina Aguilerra song! " am a Fighter! There ain't no stopping me NOOOOOWWW!" This is how I feel right now, Yeah

So life lately despite being sick has been ultra fabulous :) I LOVE LIFE! Wooo!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Two Thousand and Ten!!

Hello! Welcome to the year 2010! I'm not sure yet how it will compare to Oh Nine, but so far the One Oh seems to be going pretty good. This is an update on my life lately.

1. I have a new calling in the Singles Ward as the Ward Bulletin person. So basically, I make the beautiful programs you receive at the begining of Sacrament Meeting, glance over briefly, and then doodle on for the rest of the meeting. I really enjoy it so far. This is the cover to this Sunday's program. We are trying to raise awareness of the Ward Temple Day this upcomming saturday the 22nd, so there is a scripture underneath(D&C138:12) about baptisms for the dead.
2. I have a new schedule, with new classes, and new faces to look at each day. I have my job as a student receptionist with the Administrative Offices still, which I will continue to love even in the One Oh('10) year. Sean is up here now, and we see each other often which is a ton of fun. He often cooks for me, and I bring a salad, however he says "who needs salad when you have meat?" Good point Sean.

3. I have new roommates, which so far so good. We all get along quite nicely and have fun together.

Rexburg has been having the most beautiful warm spell ever, making the snow melt believe it or not! Actually, I was a little sad with the melting because right outside of my apartment there is an icicle tree, and it was absolutely beautiful. I love it, but now it's melting away.


I've joined Student Ambassadors, which is an outreach program for prospective students, and current students. I'm excited to be involved with a program here on campus.
I am enrolled in a class titled "Global Hotspot: Pakistan" or as I like to refer to it as "Pakistani Class." And in front of me sat a student who on Wednesday claimed in all seriousness that slavery was not a big concern for the American Civil War. Ding Dong, Bing Bong, History? Whaaaa?(if you do not know that, check out the Doorbell Commercial skit SNL did a couple weeks back, TOTE HILAR!)

Another thing. Sometimes people like to make drastic changes in their life as a "New Year Resolution", and while I have set a few goals, I'm sure many of you will be disappointed to hear that one of them is not to discontinue using abbrev's but more so to continue in my efforts of making the daily language of many Americans just a little less refined, however, txtng is ahd of me w/ tht 1.

My goals for the year 2010:

1. Get at least a 3.0 grade point average for the Winter 2010 semester here at BYU-Idaho.

2. Be a counselor with the AFY program(not EFY). It is similar to EFY except it is Adventure for Youth, and we do different activities like white water rafting and hiking, which I totally love to do.

(BREAKTHROUGH!I think my wisdom teeth just started to break through my gums...)

3. Develop a love for wearing pants. I absolutely despise wearing pants. If I could I would wear leggings 24/7. Or a dress. Either is fine. But sometimes you just have to throw on a pair of jeans, and I just do not enjoy that.

4. Not buy as much food at the schools food court called "The Crossroads" and start to cook meals, or just cook little foods, I usually only eat for like 1/2 of a person. Pretty much midget portions. So actually making food for myself shouldn't be too difficult.

January 17, 2010

So this weekend was a 3-day weekend in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. and all week I was looking forward to being able to go and see Tanya and Augustus and Tom, and most espesh, My mom! However, things didn't work out and I wasn't able to find a ride that would be leaving late enough or on Saturday morning...Until...I went to my Pakistani class group project meeting, and one of the guys in my group was coming down! So I told my secret to Tanya, which was torture for her, but then I walked into their house and surprised mom! It has been great. I love my family and being able to see them more often.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Beginning

While trying to procrastinate my studying for finals this week I decided to explore the blogs of my sisters. Only to very disappointedly discover that they have not updated! I sent out a mass text to those with blogs, and they continued to ignore my requests for an update. So I decided that I should just start my own blog as an encouragement to those who don't update. This way, if I get bored I can write something of my own. At this point, I'd like to now thank my sisters for not updating, because I have a new found obsession with blogging.

Enough of that. So today marks my last Saturday in Rexburg, ID of my first semester here attending BYU-Idaho. I have only left my bed a couple of times this morning so far, and considering that it is already 3:30, I feel a little pathetic now. Except I'm sick, and those of you that know me know I tend to get sick. I also woke up to a very snowy wintery day.

So...Pause Button. I just left my blog writing post to make my first snow angel. It was thrilling. Except I forgot gloves so my hands are very cold and very red. I think I now have hypothermia.

Here is the finished product snow angel:

After making, just sitting in the snow, No Big Deal.

Making my angel:

Here I am falling into the snow. At this time I'd like to thank Jennifer for my wonderful snow coat and Tanya for my purple snow pants, not only do they coordinate, but I feel like Prince while wearing them!

I think later on in the week I will take time to do a post on my time here at BYU-Idaho, a look-back into all times good and bad, but mostly good.